Plastic Surgery | Who Is Dr. Jay Calvert And What Does He Do?

They say beauty is relative, and thus as the old adage goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
This saying is a becoming more and more of an ideal, an abstraction or some whimsical thought rather than having any visible practical application. Aesthetic beauty nowadays is viewed and judged by how one’s nose looks like or large a certain body part/appendage is. With the advances in modern medical technologies ways to correct physical abnormalities have been developed; further advances have enabled other people whether with physical abnormalities or not to freely access such “corrective” services. People nowadays want to look like their favourite movie star or want to be as thin as they want to be without having to work out and thus cosmetic surgery is born. Cosmetic surgery is a medical procedure specifically developed to “enhance” appearance through surgical and medical techniques to some ideal held by the client.

There are a lot of cosmetic surgeons out there and one of the more famous of them is Doctor Jay Calvert. Doctor Calvert is a qualified professional cosmetic surgeon who graduated from Vanderbilt University and received his finished his doctorate degree in Cornell University. He is a more than capable cosmetic surgeon given his astounding pedigree (see his website for more details about his Curriculum Vitae). In his sincerity to serve his patients and carry out his duties, Doctor Calvert has established two offices; one office is at 465 N. Roxbury, Suite 1001, Beverly Hills, California and the other is at Newport Beach, California.

The doctor offers a variety of services which are (1) Rhinoplasty, (2) Secondary Rhinoplasty, (3) Breast Augmentation, (4) Facelifts and Browlifts, (5) Lip Augmentation, (6) Fat Transfer, Post-Bariatic Procedures and a lot more (see his website for full list of services The services are such since the doctor wishes to become an instrument or means for his patients to achieve their desired image in a safe and effective approach. He merely wishes to help his patients become more confident with themselves and increase their self-esteem by enhancing their physical attributes. Such services would be in great demand given that the summer is here and people would want to go the beach wearing eye-catching swimwear with confidence and the looks to go with it.

The doctor of course also wishes that his patients be able to maintain the image they have created after the various medical procedures, and thus also offers a variety of skin care products at a relatively affordable price. The skin care products he offers come in myriad forms, from creams to facial wash. The facial cleansers provide the kind of cleaning that removes the deepest dirt and gives the user the cleanest clean feeling on their faces, quality products which the doctor assures.
Doctor Jay Calvert can and will help people who want to enhance their looks for whatever purpose it may serve them, whether through skin care products or cosmetic procedures.