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Simply the best of the best
Procedure: Breast Implants

I met Dr. Calvert at a post-bariatric surgery support group. He is a plastic surgeon with "body contouring" post massive weight loss as one of his specialty areas.

I am a Registered Nurse and have worked since 1995 in Trauma/Intensive Care Unit nursing. As you can imagine, I have had more interaction with plastic surgeons than the average person. Dr. Calvert impressed me so much that I decided to see him for a consultation.

What a class act. His fees are not cheap, however, who wants to go "discount" when you are talking about how your body is going to look for the rest of your life! He is worth every penny and more. He takes incredible pride in his work and making sure that you as the patient are completely satisfied. After your consultation, it switches from an independent discussion to a partnership in your care. Who could ask for more! Dr. Calvert truly cares about his patients and the quality of life they are so desperately seeking.

I will use Dr. Calvert for everything I need done without hesitation. There simply IS no other plastic surgeon in my book. Thank you Dr. have given me back a piece of my life I had forgotten used to exist. I am forever grateful.
Dian Cooper

Great guy, great surgeon, great rhinoplasty results
Procedure: Rhinoplasty

I had a septoplasty 4 years ago, though the doctor at the time removed too much septum. It caused my nose to droop down lower, and created a new batch of breathing problems.

Dr. Jay Calvert did an excellent job correcting the problem. My breathing is significantly better, and I'm very pleased with the appearance of my nose. It doesn't look like some little cookie-cutter LA standard; it still looks like MY nose. (I had a lot of concerns about this early on.)

Calvert performed a rib graft to ensure that my nose wouldn't droop, and it's certainly not drooping anymore. It is firmly in place and feels great. He's been exceptionally cool throughout the entire process. A very nice guy, down to earth - really, what a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills should be. Not at all like the stereotypes. I highly recommend him :)

A Really Good Doctor
Procedure: Rhinoplasty

Two years after a disasterous rhinoplasty Dr Jay Calvert has really come through for me.His expertise has allowed me to have what I wanted in the first place,a feminine nose that fits my face! I had the misfortune of choosing a "well known" doctor for my first rhinoplasty and I really never thought I woud find anyone who could correct his abysmal job and give me what I wanted.Dr Jay did! My new nose is wonderful and more than I thought we could achieve! I would highly recommend Dr Calvert to anyone thinking Rhinoplasty orRevision.His staff are wonderful to work with and the entire experience was extremely positive.Thank you Dr Calvert you have let me be me again

Great Choice!
Procedure: Rhinoplasty

My name is Chris. I never considered myself to get plastic surgery. I thought plastic surgery was very superficial and for girls. But then I broke my nose a few times from fights and wrestling on the wrestling team in High School. I couldn’t get very much oxygen through one of my nostrils and my airflow through my nose was very restrictive. I talked about getting rhinoplasty with my mom and she said it would look better because my looked to thick from the times that I broke my nose. I also thought that if I got the surgery I could get a more oxygen through my nose and breathe a lot better. I then told my dad and he told me it was a horrible idea and that If I got the surgery I would have problems with my nose for the rest of my life. That comment prevented me from getting the surgery done for about 5 years. At the age of 22 I decided to get the surgery when I had raised enough money. I looked for about 6 months for a good surgeon and did a lot of research on various qualifications that I was looking for in a ideal surgeon. I then finally found Dr. Calvert through a recommendation from a well renowned Doctor who was known for doing Rhinoplasty Surgery. I Talked to Dr. Calvert and was disappointed in the price. I thought it was very expensive. But then I made up my mind that it was worth the money because the effects of this surgery would effect my appearance from the inside and outside permanently. I wanted the best rhinoplasty surgeon money could buy regardless of the price. So I chose Dr. Calvert. I gave Dr. Calvert a detailed drawing of what I wanted from the surgery. I told him what bothered me about my nose. He gave me a good idea of what he was going to do and I gave him an idea of what I wanted. We were both on the same page. After the surgery and the recovery phase my nose looked better. It didn’t look like I had a broken nose anymore. I also could breathe significantly better through my nose. When my Dad saw the results of the rhinoplasty surgery he confessed that my nose looked better. He admitted that it was worth the money now that I could breathe better through my nose. The surgery was expensive but it was worth every penny.

Dr. Calvert Changed my life
Procedure: Rhinoplasty

Simply put Dr. Calvert changed my life. I had a rhinoplasty surgery at 19. As I became older my nose started to deteriorate. The cartilage at the tip began to break through the very thin skin at the tip of my nose. The extreme slope that was so popular in the 90's began to take on an extremely unnatural snout look.

After my general physician urged me to take care of it before it was to late I met with 6 of the top plastic surgeons in the LA and Orange County area. I was confused and terrified of undergoing another rhinoplasty. That was until I met Dr. Clavert. And it was the best decision I ever made.

Instead of worrying about people staring and commenting about my obviously "done" nose, I can now focus on my life, my young children and my goals. He completely freed me of a disfigurement that haunted me for years and that most of the "top" doctors were unsure if they could fix.

As I did, I'm sure so many of you are visiting these sites doing your due diligence. So I want you to know (especially if you are scared and overwhelmed like I was) that you should at least consult with Dr. Calvert. You'll understand when you met him and experience his caring and generous nature and his complete skill and gift that changed my life. And I just have to say from the bottom of my heart that he was heaven sent. Ask to see my pictures in the office - he'll know who you're talking about.

Thank you Dr. Calvert and your staff for helping me through this very difficult time and transforming my life.

Simply the Best
Procedure: Rhinoplasty

Dr. Calvert saved my nose and my life. After undergoing a devastating rhinoplasty with another surgeon that left me with an over-grafted, painful, and unattractive nose, I consulted with nearly every revision rhinoplasty specialist in the nation, ultimately selecting Dr. Calvert because of his skill, experience, and unparalleled ability to truly listen to my concerns. Dr. Calvert's immense surgical skill and instinctual eye for beautiful, natural aesthetics saved the day. Simply put, he worked a miracle a me. Dr. Calvert transformed my once uncomfortable, ugly nose into one that feels natural, functions well, and looks terrific -- natural and feminine (I'm female). With regard to bedside manner and patient service, Dr. Calvert and his staff simply have no equals. Dr. Calvert even telephoned me on the eve of my surgery just to make sure I was doing okay and to reassure me that everything was going to work out. There is no surgeon who I could recommend more highly than Dr. Calvert.

Highly recommended surgeon.
Procedure: Rhinoplasty

Dr. Calvert is a wonderful Surgeon. Although I have not had any plastic surgery before, after meeting Dr. Calvert, I was not apprehensive about having cosmetic surgery. As odd as it may seem when I say he made the surgery a wonderful experience, it is so true. He and his staff are warm and friendly and they made me feel as though I was part a their family.

As for the results of the surgery, I can honestly tell you how happy I am with what he has accomplished. He does wonderful work and I have had so many compliments. I would recommend and have recommended Dr. Calvert to everyone.

I am looking forward to our next meeting.

Joanne Riehle

Great Experience - Highly Recommend!
Procedure: Rhinoplasty

Dr. Calvert revised beautifully my nose after it was disfigured by a famous surgeon in Chicago.
I had a crooked, over grafted, caveman-like nose. I didn't even think it was possible to look normal again, let alone look good again. Dr. Calvert achieved both.
He is a rare breed of a surgeon - in a profession where to under-promise and under-deliver is the norm, it is amazing to come across someone like him with the courage to over-promise and the talent to over-deliver.